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All customers must be at least 18 years of age to place orders online. If you are under age and would like to place an order, please call our store (916) 974-7737.

Shipment Arrival
Cookie Connection makes every possible effort to gaurantee the arrival date and condition of your orders. We use air-tight plastic wrap to maintain cookie freshness and custom multi-ply boxes to maintain appearance of packaging. Although we can get your orders to UPS safely, please keep in mind that we have no control over the actual shipping process and therefore cannot gaurantee their arrival date or condition. Not that we anticipate any problems, but we also cannot predict all environmental factors, such as severe weather or natural disasters.

Accurate Destination Information
We are not responsible for inaccurate shipping addresses entered at the time you place your order. We do not give refunds or offer reshipment, so please take your time and be very careful when entering shipping information.

We do not allow returns or exchanges on our products due to the fact that our cookies are perishable products.

We do not recommend eating our cookies if you, or the recipient of your order, are allergic to nuts due to the chance of our dough coming in contact with nuts and/or nut oils during the baking process.

Cookie Count
Due to its packaging, the number of cookies shipped in our Traditional Dozen Box (typically 12 cookies) could possibly vary depending on your cookie selection due to variations in cookie sizes. If you have selected a combination of very plump cookies and when packing we think your cookies are short on space and their condition could be jeopordized, we will remove a cookie to help ensure quality.



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