Meet the biscuit catering

In this opportunity we invite you to discover cookie catering, a new trend that has been applied in weddings, communions and celebrations in general. Dare to be part of it, once you know what it is about.

What is cookie catering?

To make this concept very clear, it is appropriate to explain what catering is. Basically, it is a service of providing prepared food for a group of people, such as the crew of an airplane, the members of a board or others.

In this sense, cookie catering is not very different. It consists of preparing a sufficient quantity and variety of them to provide them to all those present at the event, according to the taste of the person who contracts the service.

Currently, some pastry shops, confectioneries and candy stores, in addition to the exclusive cookie companies, are offering this service that users can hire for all kinds of events, such as: exhibitions, baptisms, communions, baby showers, weddings, graduations and more.

The particular feature in this case is that the service is made up exclusively of cookies. However, they can be of all the flavors and types that you want.

How does this service work?

It is quite similar to any other catering service. The interested party goes to the facilitating company to make a quote based on the number of guests and the variety of cookies they wish to provide.

In this sense, the cost of the service depends directly on the quantity and variety of cookies to be served. Additionally, other expenses are considered, such as packaging, transportation and the personnel that will be in charge of serving them, in case the client so wishes.

What kind of cookies are included?

A catering service can include all kinds of cookies, although the most common is that they are made according to the event in which they will be distributed.

A flat vanilla base is usually baked with some shape allusive to the event and decorated with icing according to the colors used in the setting.

However, there are no limits in the realization of a biscuit catering, the quantity and variety that the client wishes can be included.

In what type of events can it be performed?

Cookies are versatile foods, easy to transport and preserve, as they do not require refrigeration or heating before serving. You just have to treat them carefully so they don’t break once they’ve been baked and decorated.

Consequently, the idea of ​​offering a biscuit catering is currently being used for all kinds of events, as people consider it useful even to give them away as a souvenir at the end of an exhibition, conference, talk, among others.

In any of the following events it can be an excellent idea to offer a cookie catering to the guests:

• Wedding
• Christening
• Communion
• babyshower
• Graduation
• Anniversary
• Christmas
• End of the year
• Corporate meetings
• Product’s release
• Welcoming a baby
• Children’s birthday
• Bachelorette party
• Others

As you can see, there are no limits to take advantage of a service like this. It is practically useful in any event that includes guests, food and a defined theme.

How to hire a cookie catering?

Contact a company that offers this service and request an interview so that you can inform them of the details of the event you are about to hold.

It is essential that you indicate the number of guests, the theme and your particular tastes when it comes to cookies. You may prefer chocolate over vanilla and you may not like the traditional icing, in which case the company will offer you other options and present a proposal that you should consider before hiring.