What are gourmet cookies?

Still don’t know what the concept of gourmet cookies is about? Then you must stay and read the content that we prepared for you in this post.

What are gourmet cookies?

The concept of gourmet cookies is quite simple. Basically, these are recipes that include unconventional ingredients to result in extravagant and exquisite flavors.

Gourmet cookies go far beyond the classic vanilla or chocolate, including exotic ingredients such as pistachio, raisins, truffles, among others.

Practically everything that the inventiveness of biscuit makers is capable of creating fits within this trend, as long as it is out of the ordinary, even crackers are allowed.

The gourmet cookie industry

This may be a new concept to you, but the truth is that there is an entire industry dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of gourmet cookies.

As you read it, you can currently find delicacies in terms of cookies in the market, which are packaged and ready to be consumed by their buyers.

You can even find gourmet cookie doughs, in which case they’re not ready, but just bake them according to their directions and you’ll be tasting them in no time.

This is a useful alternative for those who want to prepare cookies during an event that is not so close and do it on their own to benefit from the size they will have, their shape, among other virtues such as impregnating the house with that delicious characteristic aroma.

Examples of gourmet cookies

It is clear that we cannot list all the types of gourmet cookies that exist, since new varieties and recipes are invented every day, but our intention on this occasion is that you understand the concept and know what this industry has to offer.

• Cookies with coffee and nuts
• Biscuits for tiramisu
• Cookies with pieces of dark and milk chocolate
• Key lime cookies
• Cocoa cookies
• Cookies with pieces of milk chocolate and macadamia
• Cookies with pieces of dark chocolate and walnut
• Muscovite almond cookies

Special varieties of gourmet cookies

The consumption of gourmet cookies goes far beyond a taste or whim, there are people who do not tolerate certain ingredients that are usually included in traditional recipes and opt for the gourmet versions so as not to give up their delicious flavor.

In this order of ideas, gourmet cookies represent a healthy alternative for celiacs, lactose intolerant, allergic to nuts and more.

There are even people who have chosen to create their own cookie recipe, not finding any in the industry that satisfies them or suits their nutritional needs in particular, and this must also be considered within the gourmet concept, based on the fact that it is something out of the ordinary.

The substitution of some ingredients for others gives rise to unique recipes and flavors that are part of the extensive variety available in gourmet cookies.

For example, it is common for those who cannot consume wheat flour to opt for oatmeal and those who do not tolerate conventional dairy well prefer to include vegetable milk in their recipes.

Based on the particular needs of these people, there is also a part of the gourmet cookie industry dedicated to their satisfaction. However, since they contain special ingredients, these types of products are usually slightly more expensive than others, but many prefer to pay for them rather than give up the delicious flavor they offer.

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