Learn to prepare a cookie cake

Prepare a biscuit cake, is it possible? Of course yes! And in this article we are going to explain how you can do it step by step. Do not miss the indications that we offer you below, because they will be essential for the result to be a success.

What do you need?

First of all, you will need a mold, container or tray that allows you to remove the cake after it has been assembled. If this is not your priority, choose one in which you can serve the portions directly, such as a glass refractory, for example.

Take into consideration that the biscuit cake is more fragile than a common cake, since wet ingredients are used to form a kind of dough and remove the crunchy quality that they originally bring.

You will also need the following ingredients.


• Two packets of vanilla or chocolate digestive biscuits.
• Two boxes of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry pudding or several of them.
• 1 can of condensed milk.
• Cup and a half of liquid milk.

How do you prepare a cookie cake?

There are several ways to prepare a cookie cake, but this time we will show you one of the simplest, cheapest and most delicious that exist. Please read the instructions carefully and follow each step as outlined below.

First, take all the cookies out of their packaging and place them in an accessible way, this will help you form the cake faster.

Pour the liquid milk into a container, add the condensed milk, mix and reserve for later.

Prepare each pudding according to the instructions indicated on the box. If you choose to make the cake in a single flavor, you can create a single mix with double the quantities indicated in the recipe. Let it cool.

Now start by briefly dipping each cookie into the milk mixture and create the first layer at the base of the mold you are going to use.

Next, add a layer of pudding well spread over the entire cookie surface.

You’ll start repeating the last two steps over and over until you run out of ingredients, forming a cookie layer, followed by another pudding layer.

When arranging the cookies on the mold, try not to leave empty spaces, try to place them as close as possible to each other and, if necessary, part some to create a consistent base.

The last layer on top should be biscuit and you can pour the rest of the milk on top if there is still any available.


Try to manage the ingredients well so that the cake has enough layers and filling. There is no point in having leftover pudding if you have run out of cookies and vice versa.

In case this happens, you can keep the rest of the leftover cookies but ideally you should distribute them well so that you get a better cake.

You can reserve a little condensed milk to pour on top of the cake at the end, if you wish.

You can also add chocolate rain, syrup, peanuts, grated coconut or colored sprinkles on top. In this sense, the decoration is completely to your liking, just take into account doing it at the end if you want to unmold the cake to avoid accidents.

The result will be a fairly moist and soft cake, so we do not recommend unmolding it unless you are able to turn it over and turn the first layer into the cover, then add the decoration. Of course, we can guarantee that its flavor is exquisite.

If you dare to take the cake out of the mold and you have some cookies left over, you can adhere it to the edges to give it a different touch.

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